New: Air/Sea-solution to Australia and New Zealand

As a result of Corona, rates for air freight to Australia and New Zealand have risen sharply. In order to offer our customers an optimized solution here, we have established an Air/Sea solution!
Use the advantages: Combine the speed of air freight with the cost-effectiveness of sea freight

Avoid the high air freight rates to Australia & New Zealand

  • Ex door service from multiple countries across Europe.
  • The movement from door to our Frankfurt hub takes typically 1-3 days (depends on pick-up location)
  • Fixed sailing dates in Singapore with rapid transit vessels in the Singapore Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • The efficiencies experienced in the Singapore FTZ allows for transhipments to be made within 24 hours of arrival

For detailed information and rates, please contact directly
Nico Haltmayer: or our sales team

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